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Were giddy to announce that the first of 31 daily episodes of The Faces At The Window's sketch comedy podcast drops next Monday, 6th May!

The Faces At The Window team planning the new shows at Lilaloka Productions' HQ. L-R Steve Cain, Richard Barry, Daniel Thackeray, Ross Kelly, Edward Barry, and, behind the camera, Victoria May

That means every day for a month following the 6th, a new sketch or song (or several) will become available to stream or download, either directly from this website (where they'll be posted every day) or by searching iTunes, Spotify, Podbean, Soundcloud, Stitcher Radio, Podchaser, Spreaker or any good podcast app. The episodes will also be available to hear via our YouTube channel.

Having been developing and honing this podcast series for a long time, the Faces team hope that the shows will deliver a fun, high quality experience for the listeners, bringing a daily comedy boost to everyone.

The Salford Star recently ran a lovely article giving more details about the series and even linking to some preview clips from later in the series (but be warned, don't listen if you don't want to spoil some of the later sketches in the series). Please note, however, the article gives the launch day as 1st May. The first episode will actually drop on the 6th. You can read the article here.

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